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About Us

Thank you for visiting rhodianagora.com

At Rhodian Agora, we strive to offer you the best Mediterranean producers of the island of Rhodes in Greece. Our journey began in 2016 from a small family business in the island of Rhodes with our first store in Faliraki. Products made by our local manufacturers made a good impression on tourists and locals. After that, we had a common goal - to introduce the Mediterranean and luxurious products of our beloved island to world markets.

It is an honor for us to deliver the most luxurious products to your home and present them in a safe and elegant packaging, thus creating a boutique for luxury and premium Greek food anywhere in the world. We carefully selected the most famous brands on the Greek market for your pleasure.

"rhodianagora.com" is a complete website designed even for those who are not fully-familiarized with the internet to make their purchase of greek products intuitive. Our main difference to other websites is the functionality which leads to a journey of exploration we offer to our future user - client of rhodianagora.com and the discovery of greek products, the places where they were produced and the producers behind them.

We are constantly studying the market of our island in search of the best new products and improve our service for your convenience. Thus, the process of purchasing through our electronic store is very simple and easy to fulfill your order.

For further Information, please contact us at - [email protected]

We hope you love our collection as much as we do!

Best of all,

The Rhodian Agora team